Because we’re committed to providing high quality professional training, in addition to our popular courses we also offer regular webinars that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Our webinars cover a wide range of digital marketing topics and are information rich and the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions without having to leave home or the office.

All registrants will be sent a link to replay the recording following the webinar.

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Removing internal traffic

Google Analytics

We often get asked: “Can I remove internal traffic from my Google Analytics reports?” The answer is: Yes! You can! And this webinar will show you how…

Google Analytics provides a wealth of valuable data. However your own and your team’s visits to the website, not to mention that of your suppliers or even website developer’s visits, can skew the overall quantity and quality of your data.

In this webinar, Erica will explain how you can exclude this type of traffic from your Google Analytics reports safely, to ensure no overall data loss.

Profiling your website visitors

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a wealth of valuable data. In this webinar we reviewed the useful reports that allow you to develop a helpful picture of exactly who is visiting – and most engaged – with your website.

Erica will take you through the key reports within Google Analytics that assist with understanding the demographics and psychographics of your website visitors.

This information is incredibly useful for not only understanding your target audience, but how they interact with your website, and whether you are even attracting and retaining the right people!

The reports reviewed are all in the Audience report section, and are:

  • Demographics (must be enabled)
  • Interests (must be enabled)
  • Geo : Location
  • Behaviour : New vs Returning
  • Technology : Browser & OS
  • Mobile
  • Benchmarking
  • Users Flow
  • User Explorer

We also look at how to use Segments, and how to create Custom Segments.