Our series of short videos will help you quickly grasp digital concepts and learn practical skills you can implement immediately to improve your marketing and results.

SEO vs Google Ads

SEO, Google Ads

We are often asked whether to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Google Ads…

Unfortunately it’s not an easy answer, with pros and cons for each. You must consider:

  1. Time; how quickly you want results
  2. Cost; initial set up/training versus ongoing
  3. Context; how your target audience may respond

This video details these factors in more detail, along with our recommendations for conducting initial keyword research which will assist with either approach.

Tips for launching a new website

Google Analytics, SEO

It is easy to assume that if you are updating your website on the same domain, then the “SEO” will automatically carry over from the old to the new website, but this is not the case.

If Google isn’t “advised” about the website update, essentially the old website “disappears” (leaving many broken links behind) and the new website is “brand new” and completely unindexed in Google, having to begin from scratch in getting indexed and building its own search engine ranking.

This video explains the key considerations for managing your SEO and Google Analytics when launching a new version of your website.

Read the steps and download our website launch checklist here.

Create and use Annotations

Google Analytics

Annotations in Google Analytics are a very simple, but very useful way of adding notes to the analytics timeline.

They are incredibly helpful for all those times where you ask yourself (or others):

  • Why is that big spike in traffic there again?
  • When did we send that email campaign?
  • When did we launch the new website!?

This short video will show you how to create, edit and delete Annotations in Google Analytics.

Set up Cross Device Tracking

Google Analytics


Google Analytics has recently provided the ability to track the one User who visits your website from different mobile devices! e.g. mobile, work/personal computer, tablet.

We know that many people jump between devices, and will now have a better idea of what impact this has on website interaction and results.

You DO need to enable this feature to receive these reports however, and this short video will show you how…