More things you can do with Google Analytics


What we have covered should give you a helpful understanding of the main reports and useful data available within your Google Analytics account.

What now?

  • Regularly review your Google Analytics (weekly or monthly is recommended).
  • Focus on the most relevant reports (use those suggested in this course as a base).
  • Become familiar with your data, visitors and activity.
  • Look for trends.
  • Focus on significant increases/decreases.
  • Try to interpret findings into insights and recommendations.
  • Implement data-driven business and marketing decisions.

More you can do with Google Analytics

Once you are confident to explore Google Analytics further, some of the additional things you can do include:

  • Create a new reporting View and include/exclude traffic from a particular IP address.
  • Use System Segments or create Custom Segments to focus on specific groups of Users or Sessions.
  • Add Annotations (notes) to the timeline.
  • Integrate Google Analytics with Google Ads or Google Search Console.
  • Track custom Campaigns with UTM tags.
  • Track searches within your website.
  • Use Event tracking to monitor activities that occur within pages.
  • Set up custom Goals.
  • Create Custom Reports and Dashboards.
  • Set up Scheduled Email Reports.

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