Behaviour Reports


The Behaviour reports section focuses on what pages people are looking at on your website, along with how your site is performing (based on speed) and if visitors are searching within your website (if in-site search is available).

Recommended reports:

  • Site Content > All Pages
  • Site Content > Landing Pages
  • Site Content > Exit Pages
  • Site Speed

Other reports in the Behaviour section need to be customised.

Site Content

The Site Content report shows how visitors are engaging with the various pages of your website:

  • Which ones they visited most
  • How long they are viewed for
  • Which are landed on (Entrances)
  • Their Bounce Rate
  • Their Exit Rate
  • Page Value (if using eCommerce Analytics, not covered in this course)

Site Content > All Pages

The All Pages report shows All Pages of your website, ordered by total Pageviews.

  • By default, 10 results are shown per page, and you can either tab through these at the base of the report, or change the number of results per page.
  • You can also click the Metrics column titles to change the ordering (default order is Pageviews, descending).
  • Pages are shown by “Page” by default, which is the URL of the page, what comes after your domain.
  • You can also view pages by “Page Title” which is the overall page title based on the <title> tag used in the meta description.

Please note: If you change your Page Title or Page URL, this will create another separate result for this individual Page Title or URL. Google Analytics will not automatically group them as it does not know they were once the same.

Similarly, if you have two or more pages with the same Title, these metrics will be grouped, as Google Analytics cannot tell them apart.

Please note: It is not best practice to have duplicate Page Titles, as it can have negative impact on search engine rankings. We explore this in our Introduction to SEO Best Practices course.

Site Content > Content Drilldown

The Content Drilldown report collates activity by sub folder. This is only relevant and useful for websites that use a consistent sub folder structure in their URLs. The images show whether this is a page or subfolder.

Site Content > Landing Pages

It is often assumed that all visitors enter your website via the homepage.

This is not the case, and the Landing Pages report clearly demonstrates this. While often the homepage may be the dominant landing page, it is useful to see what other pages are most often “landed on” or used to enter the website.

This can be due to great search engine rankings for this page, or direct links to internal pages.

Site Content > Exit Pages

These are the pages that visitors most often leaveyour website from, and can provide useful information about how they are using your website, or where to focus your attention to encourage them to stay.

Site Speed

The Site Speed reports show how quickly users are able to see and interact with content. You can identify areas that need improvement, and then track the extent of those improvements.

Read more about the Site Speed reports here.

Site Speed is a factor of search engine rankings, as well as important for providing a great user experience, so it is worth ensuring your website loads as quickly as possible.

You can also access more information about your website’s speed performance using:


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