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My guest has been working with the internet for almost 30 years, and in this episode shares how he progressed from being introduced to the internet as a 10-year-old in Toronto, to now finding himself as Creative and Event Director for SouthStart.

Craig Swann has run his own digital agency, invented Looplabs, a free, cloud-based music studio, has worked with Macromedia, Adobe and more. These experiences saw him travelling the world and now find him in Adelaide, which he is proud to call home.

I personally find it incredibly interesting to hear this outsider’s perspective on my home state, through the lens of his global experience.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the opportunities and challenges for Adelaide and South Australia
  • the mindset issues that affect many businesses and entrepreneurs
  • the importance of really taking the time to understand your target audience
  • the psychology of marketing
  • and more.

Craig also shares some simple and incredibly effective tips for understanding your audience and generating content ideas, along with his top tip to help you be prepared to do your best online.

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