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Please note: This is the final episode for season 1 of The Dobcast! We will be back in the next couple of months with season 2…

We have spoken with a lot of people over the season so far, discussing their business, marketing and areas of expertise, along with some personal insights as well.

As we conclude season 1 of the show, we have decided to look back at some of the valuable insights and advice my guests have offered.

You may recall that Erica asks the same three questions at the end of each interview.

So over these last few episodes, we have collated those answers, providing an insightful summary of the way each guest approaches them.

The third and final question she asks – and the one we will focus on in this episode – is what is the one skill or area you would encourage others to develop so they can be prepared to do their best online?

Our Scout “motto” is being prepared to do your best online, and we aim to instil this in everything we do.

It is the most anyone can ask of us, and we can ask of ourselves – Do Our Best.

While you may find there are a couple of areas you may need to focus on, we really loved how my guests took this question on and distilled it into one single recommendation.

We really loved listening back to these answers, and hope you will too.

If you have missed any of these episodes, or these grabs pique your interest for a re-listen, please do!

We would also like to thank you for listening to and supporting The Dobcast. After this episode, we are taking a break for a month or so, and will be back later this year with Season 2!

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