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These are a few of our favourite {internet} things…

This week I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’m going to take you back to my Uni days. Well, not exactly to my uni days because Facebook wasn’t around and we were carrying disposable cameras, yelling “dubs!” for any picture taken.

I recently got an EDM about the 125th birthday of Washington State University (my uni does some fantastic EDMs…I’m not biased or anything). The call to action was to visit the @WSU125 Instagram account. While almost 99.99% of Instagram strategies include posting multiple times a week, this account is a great example of a specific campaign, using a specific number of posts to tell you how WSU has been building bold ideas for 125 years.

Below is a screen grab of the account, but you really have to visit it (either on mobile or desktop) to see how they have used a combination of static images and videos to create a beautiful channel that is almost infographic like. The images encourage you to be interactive, clicking from one in the middle of a row to another directly diagonal from it to watching videos with snippets of information.

What can you learn from this account? Think outside the usual checklist for a campaign. How can you leverage a channel such as Instagram to tell a specific story? Don’t forget how powerful your email list can be – that audience has already raised their hand to hear your story, remember to tell it to them.

Go on, have a virtual visit to my alma mater and feel free to jump on the #GoCougs bandwagon.

WSU125 Instagram

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