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These are a few of our favourite {internet} things…

I love food.

If you’ve met me or read any of my social profiles, you’d pick up on that. Naturally, I follow a lot of social accounts around the food industry. This week’s favourite thing is from Williams Sonoma on Instagram (I also love Instagram). If you strip away their branding, they basically sell cookware, cooking utensils and other kitchen related things. They have, however, done a FANTASTIC job of creating a lifestyle many people want to be part of. After any purchase from their online store or retail front, I feel like I could take on Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon recipe.

One specific Williams Sonoma Instagram post showcases their new catalogue. By utilising the video feature in Instagram, Williams Sonoma has given so many more views of their print asset and most likely, a lot more requests for the catalogue itself. Their video reminds you to keep a holistic view of all your marketing collateral – print or digital – and think about how you can use content more than once to reach your audience.

Check out their Instagram channels:




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