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Most people are aware of the concept of “brand awareness” and it is often a key part of their marketing strategy, ensuring that more people are aware of their brand. Makes sense. However, another — and I believe — more important facet of your strategy should be “brand loyalty”.

“Brand loyal” consumers will consistently purchase products from their preferred brands, regardless of convenience or price.

They are often more than happy to publicly share their love of the brand, unrewarded and unprompted.

Some loyal brand advocates rise above the pack as key influencers, proudly promoting their beloved brand, and these individuals are invaluable to a brand’s word-of-mouth marketing.

I’ve recently been introduced to the cult brand love of Kmart Australia… Beyond the official brand channels, there is a multitude of online communities that share Kmart’s products, where to buy them, and how they have used them. Some of these include Kmart Lovers Australia, Kmart Addicts Adelaide and Kmartaus_inspire (on Facebook and Instagram).

Many organisations get scared when they come across communities like this and want to know what they should do about them, or worst of all “how to shut them down”. But they shouldn’t! These are the ULTIMATE FAN Pages! And should be celebrated! These people LOVE your brand and are helping you promote it. For free!

There are some things you should do though…

  • Be aware of these communities (through regular searches, social media mentions and Google Alerts)
  • Where relevant, engage with the community and it’s key person/people (like, comment, share, repost, basically show the brand’s appreciation, but remember that it’s THEIR community, don’t try to take it over)
  • Listen! These are great opportunities to get REAL market research, and understand what your most loyal fans really think about your brand/products/services. They may have great advice and feedback on how to improve.

I’ve also just realised that it’s pertinent to mention that these posts are not requested, paid for or in any way endorsed by the brands or accounts that we mention. We just genuinely love what they do. So share the love!

Instagram - Kmartaus_Inspire

Erica Stacey

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