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Spruce up your Instagram story, posts and ads with these useful Instagram apps to connect with your target audience and get better engagement.

Did you know that about eight of 10 Australians now use social media? Instagram alone has nine million active Australian users per month. For SME and big businesses, social media is becoming the most powerful marketing channel, hence it’s just wise to develop a social media strategy.

Instagram allows you to tell your business story through visuals – images and videos. Here, we have jotted down our go-to Instagram apps to help you spruce up your Instagram story, posts and ads, helping you reach your target audience, gain more engagements and increase your brand exposure.

Please note: These apps can also be used when posting to other social media channels.

Instagram apps

Repost app for Instagram is an effortless way to #repost your favourite photos & videos on Instagram while giving credit to the owner.

Focalmark simplifies the way to generate hashtags for Instagram, making it easy for you to connect to the IG community.

Display Purposes is a nifty website rather than an app, and like Focalmark, provides useful hashtag suggestions for your Instagram posts, based on one or more “base” hashtags. The site gives a nod to Focalmark as well, for a more “human touch” on your hashtags.

Screenshot of Display Purposes page

Create fun video content

Videos are increasingly popular on most social media channels, including Instagram with video views growing by 150%. So, take these types of video Instagram apps for a spin and make your videos more appealing to your followers.

Boomerang lets you take short videos of yourself, your pet, family or friends using the front and back facing cameras. This app takes 10 photos, stitches them into a mini video and loops it back and forth. Share it directly to Instagram or save it on your phone for future posting.

Download: iPhoneAndroid

instagram apps - boomerang
Screenshots from Boomerang app (iPhone)

Hyperlapse helps you capture memorable moments as they unfold by shooting smooth and stable time-lapse videos. It has multiple speeds and easy sharing option for Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Download: iPhone | Android

Editing tools

Whether it’s for your IG story, ad or just a regular post, captivating images are eye-catchers and garner more engagement. Enhance your photos using any of these user-friendly editing Instagram apps:

A Color Story is named ‘Best New App’ by Apple, this image editor gets you the perfect amount of colour and on-trend style for your images and videos. However, premium filters aren’t free.

Download: iPhone | Android

instagram apps - a color story
Screenshots from A Color Story app (iPhone)

VSCO lets you create beautiful images on your mobile phone through high-quality editing tools. Share your creations (or even get inspiration) in its global community.

Download: iPhone | Android

Snapseed is developed by Google to take your photography to new heights by using its 29 editing tools and filters.

Download: iPhoneAndroid

Google PhotoScan, on the other hand, is a great app for taking high quality photos of real photos.

Create content updates like quotes on the go

Social media users are captivated with positive, inspirational and motivational contents, such as quotes. For a lot of brands and even personal accounts, quotes generate a massive response. Now you can spice up your quote posts on Instagram by utilising these smart apps.

Wordswag turns your words into attractive photo posts with its huge library of font and text designs.

Download: iPhone | Android 

With Typorama, no design skills are required to create smashing text and photo posts. Just select a background, type your words and post in your favourite social media channels.

Download: iPhone | Android 

instagram apps - typorama
Screenshot from Typorama app (iPhone)

Font Candy has tons of fonts and artworks to choose from to produce incredible, customised photo/text posts in minutes.

Download: iPhone | Android

Canva is one of the most popular graphic design tools today. It helps pro and amateur designers collaborate and create amazing, unique graphics, with or without text.

Its full desktop version includes a wide array of features, however, the app version also makes it easy to manage and create content on the go.

Download: iPhoneAndroid

instagram apps - Canva
Screenshot from Canva app (iPhone)

Get more social media tips from the experts, check out The Dobcast, featuring Erica Stacey and Jen Evison.

Scheduling posts

Governing multiple social media channels can be very challenging. You must be mindful of the best times to push your content live and the types of post that work for that specific platform. To help you manage your time and make sure you don’t miss the peak posting times, use a scheduling/posting tool, such as:

Sprout Social is an award-winning social media scheduling software with over 25,000 users. It’s a robust team collaboration tool to ensure better social communication, analytics and publishing.

Sprout Social’s Google Chrome extension makes content curation even easier for you.

Photo credit: Sprout Social

Planoly is an effective visual social media planner and digital marketing solution specifically for Instagram. It’s simple, clean and easy to use.

instagram apps - planoly scheduling

Hootsuite helps you manage your social media channels in one place. It’s fully integrated with the most popular social media sites, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Photo credit: Hootsuite

Buffer saves you time in managing your multiple social media accounts. Go ahead, schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all your accounts in just one app.


Got your own favourite apps? Share them in the comments.


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