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Introduction to Google Adwords (Search Campaigns)

Workshop overview:

Learn the art of getting better results with Google Adwords in this illuminating workshop.

You’ll have an opportunity to learn to create text ads that appeal and speak directly to those people who will not just look but click on them and encourage people to learn about your business, services or products.

We’ll also run through setting up an ad, choosing the right audience and keywords and crafting the right messages as well as how to best structure your ad campaigns and monitor how many people are actually contacting you as a result.

If you’re ready to explore the power of Google Adwords advertising don’t miss this opportunity to advance your website traffic and coax direct action.

This workshop will cover:

  • account set up and overview/structure
  • recommended settings for text ads campaign set up: type, location, budget options etc
  • structuring campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords
  • selecting and managing keywords
  • keyword match types and negative keywords
  • writing effective Google Adwords text ads
  • using ad extensions effectively
  • phone call tracking
  • setting up or importing basic conversions
  • activating, pausing and editing your campaign and ads.

Workshop objectives:

  • to develop an understanding of the key components of Google Adwords text campaigns, and how to use them effectively
  • to develop the skills and confidence to set up and launch a Google Adwords text campaign

This workshop is for:

  • business owners, marketers and managers
  • marketing professionals
  • agency account and digital marketing managers
  • freelancers and consultants
  • anyone who wants to understand how to best use Google Adwords text ads.

What’s included:

  • light refreshments
  • full set of training resources
  • high quality training


  • an existing Google Adwords account (not Adwords Express) is preferred (either with previous campaigns or not)
  • we are able to assist with setting one up prior (you will be asked during the registration process). A Google account is required (email/password access)
  • an existing Google Adwords account is not essential though, as this course can also be taken theoretically by those who are eager to understand the best practices for Google Adwords for future use

Please note: You will need to bring your own laptop.

Each session is restricted to limited participants (six to ten attendees), so you have the opportunity to fully benefit from the trainer’s knowledge and advice.

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Discounts for booking multiple sessions:

The training sessions can be taken individually, but have also been designed to work together to build on the knowledge and skills gained.

There are also great discounts for booking three or more sessions*:

  • 1-2 sessions: $330 + BF + GST (per session)
  • 3 or more sessions: $300 + BF + GST (per session)

*Applies to half day sessions only, i.e. 4 and 4.5 hour sessions.

For multiple session bookings, you can also contact us to enquire about payment plan options.

Your Google Analytics, Google Adwords, SEO and email marketing trainer:

Erica Stacey – from Scout Digital Marketing.

Erica is a Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Mobile Sites certified professional, so you’re in qualified hands.

She has also recently completed an intensive training bootcamp with the Institute of Code and has an extensive wealth of online proficiencies.

Erica has had over a decade of experience – working for agencies and a wide range of clients – in digital and social media marketing strategy, website development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing (SEM), content marketing, inbound marketing, online advertising and so much more.

A professional in the field of design, branding and marketing, she is a trusted name in the Adelaide community to help an array of businesses sort out and achieve their marketing objectives.

See Erica's workshops here.

Digital Marketer Adelaide - Erica Stacey (nee Nistico)

Workshop details:

Introduction to Google Adwords (Search Campaigns)

In this illuminating workshop you’ll learn to create appealing Google Adwords text ads that encourage more traffic to your website or business.

Duration: Half day (morning)

Date: Thursday 19 July 2018

Time: 9:30am - 2pm (4.5 hours)

Location: Intersect, 167 Flinders Street, Adelaide, South Australia

Cost: $330 + BF + GST

Discount available when booked with other sessions

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The training venue

Our training sessions are held in modern meeting rooms which are conveniently located in the Adelaide CBD.

Please note: You will need to bring your own laptop.

167 Flinders Street
Adelaide, South Australia

Learn more about car parking and venue facilities here.

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