Email Marketing for Business

With real-life case studies, you’ll be shown the way to excellence in email marketing, not just for the short term but for the long term.

If you have some experience with email marketing, and are looking to improve your campaigns and performance, our Email Marketing for Business training workshop will get you there!

We can assist with the basics if required, but will focus on enhancing your emails, through A/B testing, optimisation, exploring different types of campaigns, reporting and assessing performance and uncovering tricks and tips.

Plus, we’ll demonstrate a recent Adelaide case study that saw new clients and over $5000 income generated in one year from just eighty subscribers.

This email marketing training will cover:

  • benefits of email marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy
  • best practices for creating and sending email campaigns
  • Australia’s Privacy Legislation, anti-spam requirements and email etiquette
  • hints and tips on how to improve your emails
  • different types of effective email campaigns
  • a real-life case study of subject lines
  • discussing effective ways to build your email list and grow subscribers
  • segmentation, what data to collect and how
  • uploading subscriber data and matching fields
  • campaign report metrics, with a focus on open and click-through rates.

Please note: this workshop focuses on email marketing best practices in general, regardless of email marketing system being used, however, most demonstrations and examples provided will use MailChimp. We will ask what email marketing system you use during the online registration process, and if possible, cover it during the session.

Workshop objectives:

  • to provide practical skills to improve your email marketing
  • to understand the do’s and don’ts for good email communication
  • to provide confidence to kickstart or re-energise business sales or membership engagement

This email marketing training is for:

  • marketing professionals
  • agency account and digital marketing managers
  • business owners, marketers and managers
  • freelancers and consultants
  • volunteers managing their member and supporter lists

What’s included:

  • high-quality training from an experienced practitioner
  • printed training notes
  • digital training notes and resources
  • morning tea
  • tea, coffee and water
  • follow up support
  • invitation to join the Scout Digital Training Facebook Group
  • attendance certificate (to add to your LinkedIn profile and/or resume)


  • working knowledge of Excel or similar spreadsheet software
  • an existing account with an email marketing system (we will ask which one during the online registration process)

Please note: you are required to bring your own laptop.

Please note: while an existing email marketing system account is suggested, this course can be taken theoretically for people planning to make more use of email marketing and wanting to know what’s involved before they start.

Each session is restricted to limited participants (six to ten attendees), so you have the opportunity to fully benefit from the trainer’s knowledge and advice.

  • Previous date
    Tuesday 26 February 2019
    8:45 am - 1:00 pm

Fiona Blinco

As a specialist small business and sole trader online marketer, Fiona Blinco has a wealth of knowledge that she is ready to share for those who want to upgrade their online marketing prowess. Her obvious passion lies with keeping customers loyal whilst discovering new ones via a savvy online presence. She’ll help participants uncover the transformative ways of using databases and segmentation and other email marketing platforms out there to create and sustain, not just regular, but effective communication.