Developing a Social Media Strategy

Marketing is only as good as its strategy. Without a solid framework in place, you have no real direction or plan to keep you on track to effectively meet your goals.

A savvy and actionable social media strategy helps get your whole organisation on board and ensures everyone is heading in the right direction for the best possible outcomes. Being proactive and streamlining your process means that you operate far more efficiently and sets you apart from your competition.

This valuable social media training workshop in Adelaide will see you learn to create a workable social media strategy so that you can easily and effectively implement your marketing activities throughout the year.

It’s also great for those looking to boost their marketing career and add more skills to their toolkit.

The session was fantastic, Jen was amazing! The team definitely walked out of the session positive, well educated and eager to put things into practice across our social channels.

Elly Deegan, Marketing and Promotions Manager, Hurley Hotel Group

This social media training will cover:

  • identifying business goals
  • the importance of profiling target audiences
  • discussing brand personality and how it impacts social media marketing
  • evaluating your available resources
  • developing engagement tactics
  • an introduction to content strategy
  • determining suitable social media channels
  • considering campaign opportunities, including an introduction to social media advertising
  • an introduction to measuring success and reporting.

Workshop objectives:

  • to provide a framework for developing an effective social media strategy

This social media training is for:

  • marketing professionals
  • agency account and digital marketing managers
  • business owners, marketers and managers
  • freelancers and consultants

What’s included:

  • high-quality training from an experienced practitioner
  • printed training workbook, including strategy template
  • digital training resources (including strategy template)
  • morning tea
  • lunch
  • afternoon tea
  • tea, coffee and water
  • follow up support
  • invitation to join the Scout Digital Training Facebook Group
  • attendance certificate (to add to your LinkedIn profile and/or resume)


  • An understanding of social media and its application in a business environment.

Please note: You are required to bring your own laptop.

Each session is restricted to limited participants (six to ten attendees), so you have the opportunity to fully benefit from the trainer’s knowledge and advice.

  • Previous date/s
    Tuesday 27 November 2018
    8:45 am - 4:30 pm
  • Previous date/s
    Tuesday 19 February 2019
    8:45 am - 4:30 pm
  • Previous date/s
    Thursday 30 May 2019
    8:45 am - 4:30 pm

Jen Evison

Jen has extensive experience in the social media space and is renowned for her food and beverage marketing. Previously, she managed the social media channels for Allrecipes in the US before moving to Australia and continues to work with Australian and US businesses helping them achieve social media success over the past decade, including a prominent wine brand. With tertiary qualifications in business marketing, she has a genuine talent for strategising, being across best practice and creatively discovering and constructing effective content for a range of social media channels. Jen has an unending enthusiasm for presenting and participants will be delighted by her effervescent and good humoured nature.