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Ever since I first came across the “internet minute” infographic a few years ago, I have eagerly awaited the release of the updated version, and so was very excited to recently come across the recent edition of what happens in an internet minute in 2019.

Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan began aggregating this snapshot of what occurs online in 2017 and this infographic has fast become a favourite of the digital marketing world (other companies have and do also produce similar graphics).

It is a seemingly simple, but incredibly effective summary of not only just how much activity is occurring online, but when seen in it’s comparative sense (below), just how quickly certain activities are evolving.


internet minute comparison 2019 versus 2018

My favourite aspects of the comparison is to identify:

  • Significant increases in activity
  • Significant decreases in activity
  • New entrants to the top activities
  • Recent exits from the top activities

The 2019 internet minute offers the following key insights regarding online behaviour trends:

Sustained steady increase on key platforms

Activity on key platforms such as Google searches, Facebook, text messaging, YouTube views, app downloads, Tinder swipes, emails sent, Twitch views and online shopping continues to steadily increase.

Significant increase in Netflix viewing

Netflix has seen a 261% increase in the number of hours watched which is incredible, and I suspect demonstrates both the uptake in Netflix viewers, and the occurrence of second and third screening, with people watching Netflix while also undertaking other online activities.

Decrease in Snapchat usage

While Snapchat remains in the top activities, it has seen a slight decrease in Snaps per minute compared to 2018, while most other channels that remained in the top saw increases.

Voice-first devices enter the activities measured

With voice-first devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa growing in popularity, it is no surprise to see voice-first devices enter the infographic, with 67 shipped every minute. This is one metric I will watch with interest in next year’s graphic.


What’s your favourite insight? Let me know in the comments! And check out previous internet minute graphics below to see how far we’ve come…


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