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Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. 2018 was an exceptional year for podcast growth and 2019 looks set to be even bigger yet.

In January, CBS News released survey results which revealed that “two-thirds of Americans listen to podcasts at least once in a while, including 23% who do so a few times a week.” Data released from ABC’s third annual Podcast Survey revealed that podcast popularity is also on the rise here in Australia.

Amelia Veale interviewing Erin Fowler for the Adelaide Fringe Podcast.

As I wrote in a recent blog article, the time for podcasting is now, the question these days isn’t, “what’s a podcast?” The question now frequently asked is, “how do I include podcasting into our communication channels!?”

If you’re also asking this question, and you’re looking to harness the increasing popularity of audio content, here’s three ways you can.

1. Be A Podcast Guest

A great starting place in the world of podcasting is to secure a spot as a guest on an existing podcast.

But how do you make this happen?

Start by tracking the top content creators and thought leaders in your industry. These people are often interviewed on podcasts, and following them can help you locate podcasts that might also be a good fit for you. Once you identify the podcasts you’d like to appear on, ask them!

As a podcast host, I regularly get requests sent to me, asking for the opportunity to be interviewed on my podcast.

Here are the top two things that influence my answer to podcast guest requests:

  1. the potential guest demonstrates they actually know my podcast and the content I cover – I get lots of requests that are obviously a ‘cut+paste’ standard request, I immediately delete these.
  2. the potential guest can articulate what they would like to discuss and why it is of value to my listeners. Hint: don’t make it all about you and what you want to achieve.

To become a podcast guest, I also recommend checking out websites such as which has been designed to connect podcasters with experts, authors, and other podcasters to be guests on their podcasts.

2. Advertise On An Existing Podcast

As podcast audience numbers rise, so to do the dollars spent on podcast advertising.

In a recent article from CNBC on podcast ad spend the stated “Ad revenues for podcasts overall are set to double by 2020, with PwC and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) predicting that U.S. ad spend will go up from an estimated $314 million in 2017 to $659 million in 2020, with “baked-in” ads (that are read by the presenter) the most popular type.”

Podcasts offer a fantastic opportunity to reach an engaged and targeted audience. As with all channels, it’s important to carefully research when considering which podcast to advertise with.

The right podcast for your business may not be the biggest and most broadly known, it will be the one that talks to an audience that is your potential customers. The ability for your business, to speak directly to this audience will save you time and money, as they have self-selected and already demonstrated an interest relevant to the products or services that you provide.

For a detailed survival guide to podcast advertising, check out this article by Forbes that provides some great tips including how to plan and measure podcast ads, plus tips on the different formats of podcast advertising.

3. Create Your Own Podcast!

The ultimate way to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the popularity of podcasts is to develop your own.

Many businesses are already creating a range of marketing content that could be translated into podcast content, such as video content, however, they don’t understand or have the capability to achieve this.

Through my business, Narrative Marketing, I offer numerous different options to help businesses expand into audio content. From full production services, episode editing through to helping business launch and distribute their content, we have numerous different options available.

However, if budget restrictions limit you to keep your content production in-house, there are affordable equipment and editing options that can help you achieve this. Through my collaboration with Erica and the team at Scout Digital Training, I also deliver podcast training programs that will set you up to produce your own podcast content.

How audiences consume content is constantly changing and data shows that audio content is an increasingly popular format. Brands and advertisers need to quickly develop an audio strategy that accounts for this dramatic change.

If you’re not looking to include podcasts in your marketing mix, you stand to miss a large communication opportunity.

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A dynamic and engaging speaker and trainer, Amelia understands how overwhelming it can be for businesses to know how to engage their audiences through digital and social media channels. That's why her training is delivered in a practical – and engaging – way, translating complicated, technical jargon, into everyday, relatable language that's easy to comprehend AND put into practice to get results. Amelia's marketing career spans nearly two decades, and includes working for local and state government, the non-profit sector, plus a ranges of small to medium businesses. She is an experienced communications presenter and trainer, successfully delivering sessions across Australia.

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