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Live chat is a valuable communication channel for your website visitors, prospects and buyers but not everyone knows it yet.

We, however, all know that top-notch customer service has a major impact on ROI and business growth. It builds strong relationships with your customers and retains them. In return, you get positive endorsements, maximised brand exposure, and more repeat customers as well as prospects.

In this fast-paced online environment, live chat is an integral customer service tool but not everyone is using it. Chatting may sound like an easy thing to do but there are dos and don’ts when using such a tool that you need to take heed in order to keep the quality of your customer service.

So, here’s a rundown of the benefits of having live chat support and how to be good at it.

Live chat benefits and recommendations

Personalised interaction

Add a personal touch to customer support with live chat. Aside from being a great way to build long-term relations with online shoppers, what makes live support such an important must-have feature for your website is that it gives your customers a chance to interact with a real person in real time without the need to make a phone call.

Look, some people just don’t feel comfortable talking to a stranger on the phone so this is a viable option. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to find out each of your clients’ individual needs.

Remember, building trust depends on the quality of your customer service. In fact, it is said that 63% of customers who have used live chat tend to come back.

Real-time support

About 77% of consumers said that they preferred to talk to a real person before making a purchase online. But if calling is not an option, you really need to add a live chat feature on your website.

Based on a survey by the influential research and advisory firm Forrester, around 45% of consumers said they would leave in the middle of online purchase if there is no one around to answer their questions and concerns.

You have to make sure that all customer queries are handled in real time because a visitor leaving your website is a business opportunity lost. Respond promptly and ensure your clients find the answers they are looking for. However, don’t leave your chat service open if you are unavailable. Being unable to reply is just poor customer service.

Customer convenience

You can always set up FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages on your website to address commonly asked questions about your business, but that can never replace live chat support.

Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Do you like to spend time looking around at a self-service FAQ page, or do you prefer interacting with a person who already knows all the answers to your questions?

Be nice to any type of query and probe well to understand what your customer is looking for. Happy customers are likely to recommend your service to the people they know.

Use as a sales conversion funnel

Having an online presence is the first stage in digital marketing as it can either make or break a small business. But a well-designed website is not enough because you still have to convince potential clients to do business with you.

Now, did you know that 99% of first-time website visitors are not ready to make a purchase? These potential consumers tend to spend a lot of doing research on a product before they make a purchase, and they also ask a lot of questions. That’s where live chat comes in handy. Get to know your potential customers so you can implement the right sales strategies to win them over.

Live chat has the potential to increase your sales. So why focus on the 1% who are already willing to do business with you if you can tap into a much wider market?

Gather feedback

Don’t hesitate to use live chat as a way to collect customer feedback. In fact, you should encourage them to do so every chance you get.

Feedback can help you eliminate problems so you can offer a better product and service in the future if something didn’t meet your customers’ expectations. You may end up losing your clients or customers and lose credibility if you fail to address their pain points. Take bad feedback as constructive criticism and stay polite when you respond to their chats.

Recommended live chat apps

The importance of having a live chat feature cannot be overstated, and having a good live chat app just makes it easy for you and your customer. You can customise colours and design, personalise using GIF and emoji, and you can even allow your customer to insert files or images.

Here are just some of live chat tools you could use for your website:



Facebook Messenger

Zendesk Chat


Do you like using live chat? Had a good or bad experience? Let us know in the comments!

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