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This post was updated on 14 August 2016.

If there is one thing you can count on, it is that Facebook is CONSTANTLY changing…

This post has proved quite popular over the years, however, the exact steps have changed slightly, so I have updated the steps below to cover the current methods for merging duplicate Facebook Pages.

Please note: These steps may vary slightly (or dramatically) in different countries. I can confirm that they currently DO work for Australia.

For a long time, I’ve been encouraging my clients, friends, and even businesses that I frequent that haven’t done it yet… to make sure they merge their Facebook Page and Facebook Place (or additional Unofficial Page).

It sounds pretty straightforward, but there are still businesses where these are separate. So the Admins are making updates on the Business Page, but their customers are checking into the Place.

By combining the two, you can combine “likes” from both (which the Place will usually have) and have a single place (with a little “p”) to both speak to your audience and have them check in and share with their network for even greater visibility.

So, how do you do this?

How to merge your Facebook Page with your Facebook Place or Unofficial Facebook Page

Firstly check that you do in fact have a separate Place and Page, or multiple Facebook Pages. Facebook search is generally rubbish, but try searching for your business name, and see whether two results come up. Or try searching for your business name both as a “Page” and a “Place”.

If you’re still having hassles, try checking into your Facebook Place on your Facebook mobile app when you are at the Place (make sense?) Then the record of the check-in will be on your timeline and you can click that link.

Record the URLs for these two listings, or if you are making the updates all at once, keep them open in separate windows or tabs in your browser.

There are currently 2 ways you can merge an extra Page or Place with your main Page:

I suggest you try the first, simpler way initially, and if that doesn’t work, try the second.

Please note: All of these steps are based on doing this from a desktop or laptop computer, NOT a mobile or app.

Option 1: Merge Place or Unofficial Page into a Verified Page you manage

  1. Visit the Unofficial Page or extra Place (the one that isn’t your main Business Page).
  2. Click the “Is this your business?” link.
  3. This will open the pop-up window (see screenshot below).
  4. Click the first “Merge” option to merge it with an existing Page that you are already an Admin of (you MUST be an Admin of the Page you are trying to merge it with).
  5. Follow the prompts to merge it with your main Business Page.
  6. Please note: Facebook WILL warn you that this process may lose data, and like all information we put on Facebook, this is possible. However, generally, the data you may lose is that from the Unofficial Page, as it is merged into the main Page (combining the Likes) so this is a small risk to take. If you are concerned, this is how to Download a copy of your Page.
  7. If this process does not work. Try the one below.


Option 2: Claim and Merge Facebook Pages

If the above process does not work, try this.

This is also the process to follow if you have already claimed the extra Place or Page, and are Admin of 2 versions of your Business Page/Place.

  1. Make sure you are Admin of both Pages, or Page and Place.
  2. If you are not already Admin of the Unofficial Page, or Place, then follow the above steps, but select the second “Claim and Verify {Page Name} with a phone call or documents”. Follow the steps to first claim the extra Page/Place.
  3. Once you are Admin of both Pages, visit your MAIN Facebook Business Page (the one you want to merge the second, smaller one in to).
  4. Click “Settings” in the top right-hand corner.
  5. At the bottom of the General Settings, click “Merge Pages”.
  6. The below steps should appear as per the screenshot. Select the two Pages, and click Continue, following the additional prompts as required.


You may have to wait a few days while for Facebook to merge the Pages for you, but easy huh!? Now you only have one Page to worry about, and a nice, combined Facebook Community.

Now… if you haven’t set a Vanity URL for your Facebook Page, here’s some more housekeeping for you…

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Erica Stacey

Erica is a Google Analytics and Google Ads certified professional, so you’re in qualified hands. Erica has had over a decade of experience – working for agencies and a wide range of clients – in digital and social media marketing strategy, website development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing (SEM), content marketing, inbound marketing, online advertising and so much more. A professional in the field of design, branding and marketing, she is a trusted name in the South Australian and online community to help an array of businesses sort out and achieve their marketing objectives.


  1. Amanda Pope Wednesday 17 April 2013

    This has been such a helpful article! I just have one question: How long do you have to wait for the pages to actually merge once you complete the process?

    • Top Scout Monday 29 April 2013

      Thank you Amanda. The merge time does seem to vary. Some people have seen their Pages merge within 30 minutes, other up to a week, but more often than not it is updated within 24 hours. Did you merge your Place and Page? How did you go?

  2. Fernando Miranda Bellota Saturday 13 July 2013

    Hi, I cant find the Source left sidebar tab, There is not such a thing, I saw it in youtube But I cant find it 🙁 I already claimed my place pages :/

    • Top Scout Friday 2 August 2013

      Hi Fernando, with the recent Facebook Pages update that step has changed.

      Now you need to select Edit Page > Edit Settings, then towards the end of the “Settings” list there is an option to “Merge Pages”. Let me know if any more issues.

  3. Karen Friday 2 August 2013

    Thank you for posting this, very straightforward and easy to follow. I have completed this and now the ‘places’ page has disappeared. I assumed this was because they merged but my business doesn’t show again when I select check in. Any ideas?

    • Top Scout Friday 2 August 2013

      Hi, I’ve taken a peek at your Facebook Page and can see that the merge has worked:

      Have you searched for the Page when checking in? And are you at the location?

      • Karen Friday 2 August 2013

        Hi, yes I’m at the location it’s still not showing in check or nearby places?

        I have just added a new ‘place’ but would I have to merge again? Sorry to be a pain I have no idea what’s gone wrong, I have 10 check ins on my page?


      • Karen Friday 2 August 2013

        If I go on my iPhone and view as public I can check in there? Is it just not showing up for me?

        • Top Scout Sunday 11 August 2013

          I haven’t heard of this issue before! It’s good that it’s showing up for you as public though, perhaps it’s an Admin thing.

          Your Page definitely shows check ins which is the most important thing:

          Can you get any of your friends or customers to try checking in on their phone to make sure it’s working?

  4. Erold Ruzi Wednesday 7 August 2013


    Facebook keeps changing every day and I can’t find the merge pages anywhere. Can you please point me somewhere?


    • Top Scout Sunday 11 August 2013

      I know! It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

      Now you need to select Edit Page > Edit Settings, then towards the end of the “Settings” list there is an option to “Merge Pages”. Let me know if any more issues.

  5. GRN Monday 12 August 2013

    Hi there,

    I tried what you said, but i don’t see merge pages option among options in edit settings, is it changed again or? I also searched several more sources, they say the same, but the weird thing is that facebook official says the same and yet there is no option merge pages that they say you should go to…

    Thank you

    • Top Scout Monday 12 August 2013

      Wow, that is frustrating. I’ve included a screenshot below of what I see for my Page, and the merge pages option is second from the bottom.

      My only other thought is that it’s not available in your region? As Facebook does roll out features to different areas at different rates. Do you know any other local businesses who have used the merge pages option?

      • Krishna Shastry Thursday 17 October 2013

        Same problem here. If I go under settings I don’t see merge option. I have been trying to merge my business page and place from a long time and it is very frustrating that I am not able to do the same 🙁

        • Top Scout Friday 18 October 2013

          Hmmm… Facebook have made a lot of changes recently. Perhaps this is one of them.

          You could also try this form:

          Please note, you have to be an admin of both Pages though. Let me know if it works!

    • Top Scout Friday 18 October 2013

      Facebook have made a lot of changes recently, perhaps this is one of them?

      You could also try this form:

      Please note, you do have to be admin of both Pages though. Let me know how it goes!

  6. Mehdi Tuesday 22 October 2013

    I have been trying to merge the page but it’s impossible.
    It does have the option which says Similar Pages Suggestions, but nothing else. I really need to merge both my page and check-in before I launch my business within this week. Please help me out and do reply. Thank you!

    • Top Scout Tuesday 22 October 2013

      Are you definitely an Admin of both the Page and the Place? And are you using Facebook as yourself, not the Page? If you send me the URL to your Place and Page I can take a look and try to help more. This might also help:

      Being Facebook, the steps may vary in different countries as well, but hopefully we can figure it out.

      • Mehdi Tuesday 22 October 2013

        This is the link for the place:

        This is the link for the page

        Please help me out. I have tried accessing the settings through the Page’s Account and also as a Facebook user (admin of the page).

        I created the place myself. From my phone. It was before the page was made. Please do reply. Thank you!

        • Top Scout Tuesday 22 October 2013

          It doesn’t look like the first link has a specific address associated with it, just Islamabad, Pakistan.

          Can you edit it to give it the same address as the second link, then try merging them using this form?

        • Top Scout Tuesday 22 October 2013

          This video gives a good explanation as well:

          As you can see in the comments, Facebook uses different forms in different countries, so you may need to search for your local version of the “request to merge duplicate pages” form.

  7. Jonas Majvig Tuesday 22 October 2013

    Hi All

    I had the same problems as all of you above, but have now made it work.

    I followed FACEBOOK’s advice and it worked. I did have one problem, I could not get the map to work on my page so I located my page business inside my location business.

    Now I have check-in on my page. I have not been able to merge so I get all the previous check-in, but can get all future check-ins.

    Follow the description on this link and see if it works:

    • Top Scout Tuesday 22 October 2013

      Thanks for sharing Jonas. It sounds like there are a lot of issues with this at the moment. Might be to do with recent Facebook updates? I hope it all gets resolved soon.

  8. John Tuesday 22 October 2013

    Hello Top Scout
    Thanks so much for your article. Really helpful!
    I first set up the address and bing map on my page so the coordinates appear correctly.
    Then i used with Manual GeoLocation add-on (chrome) to find the places that correspond to my business (four in number).
    I’ve claimed all four places as my business; 2 of them have been verified and merged with my page. I’m still expecting verification for the other two.
    I have found that my page enlists when I try to ‘add location’ on a photo. So all sound so far…
    The problem is that having done all of the above my page still doesn’t appear as an option when I try to check in from The only options that I get are the 2 places I mentioned above that have not yet been verified.

    All the best

    • Top Scout Wednesday 23 October 2013

      Thanks for the detail John.

      I came across this useful information from Facebook that may help with the issue you describe:

      Why doesn’t my business show as a nearby place on mobile?
      A Page needs to have an address and category listed to appear as a nearby place. Results are personalized and ranked by each person’s unique connections on Facebook. Places that are more personally connected to a user are ranked higher. If someone wants to find restaurants in a particular city, places their friends have recommended, rated or checked into will be displayed higher. Strengthening your Page’s connections and making sure your basic information is up to date will help users find your business.

      It’s from this page:

      Does that help?

      • John Wednesday 23 October 2013

        Hi Top Scout
        Thanks for getting back.
        Yes, I think I can see what is wrong now:
        The premises are located in a village/tourist resort where there are no specific address details (no road names or numbers). So it appears I can only choose the option “located inside another place” where I enter the same details as in the city/town field. At this point after clicking save facebook says “Your settings were not saved. Please try again.” Would you know to work this out?

        • Top Scout Thursday 24 October 2013

          I’m sorry John, I haven’t had or heard of that issue before.
          Mind you, every time I try to like another Page as a Page at the moment I get a “Sorry something went wrong, we’re trying to fix it” message, yet the follow occurs… Good luck!

          • John Thursday 24 October 2013

            Thanks Top Scout

            I’ve found this:
            I appears they haven’t worked it out yet

            However I’m lucky enough since the problem was fixed by itself while i was messing around with the address settings. Now the page has an address and appears on check in.

            thanks for your help

            All the best

          • Top Scout Thursday 24 October 2013

            Glad to hear you resolved your issue, and hopefully they get onto a fix for it soon too.

            If anyone else has this issue, it’s good to add yourself to an existing question like this one in the support forum, as issues are often fixed due to high demand.

            All the best John!

  9. tubah zafar Saturday 7 December 2013

    hey, im not getting the option “Is this your business?”

    help pleasee

    • Top Scout Tuesday 10 December 2013

      Hi! What’s the link to the Place Page? Do you get the “Do you know the owner?” option? Can you add your name in that, or have a friend do it and claim that way? Unfortunately process seems to have changed since I first blogged about it.

  10. vaughan Monday 9 December 2013

    Hi, im trying to claim my place page for my business page but the “is this your business” option is not available in the cog box. Ive tried switching user accounts but have the same problem. any ideas??

    • Top Scout Tuesday 10 December 2013

      Hi! Do you get the “Do you know the owner?” option? Can you add your name to that, or have a friend to it and claim it that way? (see screenshot). Unfortunately process seems to have changed since I first blogged about it.
      Facebook Place Page claiming

      • vaughan Tuesday 10 December 2013

        Hi, yes thats what i get off the page, i have done just that and it give me an email reply with a link to claim the page. the link goes back to the place page and gives the same option again, its just a circle with no resolve. is there a way to contact facebook directly to try solve problem?

        • Top Scout Wednesday 11 December 2013

          Hmmm… that’s weird. If it’s getting to the point where you enter your email address, it must be one that is associated with your Facebook account and officially used by your business. Not a generic Yahoo! or Gmail address (see: )

          Here’s a contact form to report issues with Facebook pages as well: I have heard Facebook can take a while to respond though…

          Let me know how you go…

  11. Linnea Ericsson Saturday 15 March 2014

    Hey – I am trying to do the same with this place page:

    But I am not getting any of those options with I click on settings (not “is this your business”, not “do you know the owner” – nothing! Any advise?

    • Top Scout Saturday 15 March 2014

      Hi Linnea. That page you mention is a community Page based on content from Wikipedia which unfortunately can’t be linked with your business Page.

      I have heard stories of people managing to get this done, but only through direct contact with Facebook, via an advertising account manager. If you advertise with Facebook you could try and contact them and ask, but to my knowledge there’s no way to do this yourself online.

      Good luck!

  12. Kazi Himel Thursday 15 May 2014

    my fb page is and the place i want to merge in is .

    i am admin of the first one but not for the second one…do you know the owner from second link is not there any way…this is very important for my business…plz try to help…:(

    • Top Scout Tuesday 20 May 2014

      Hi Kazi, it doesn’t appear as though the second page has been claimed. Have you tried using the “Is this your business?” option under the cog menu to claim it?

  13. chris gkioumes Sunday 8 June 2014

    my fb page is and the place i want to merge with is

    i am not the admin of the place and i don’t see the option is this your business on the settings of the place.
    what should i do?

    • Top Scout Tuesday 10 June 2014

      Hi Chris, under the cog icon there is an “is this your business option?” Follow those steps and you should be right.

  14. Vicki Wednesday 17 August 2016

    Hello Everyone,

    I’m having an issue merging Facebook Places and Facebook Page.
    I have followed the steps and requested a merge but still nothing.

    On Facebook Places the “Claim your Business” does not show.

    The first link below is my Page and the second is the Place. Plus people have a problem checking in as the place doesn’t show up and people have to start typing almost the whole name. The business is new so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

    Thank You

    • Top Scout Wednesday 17 August 2016

      Hi Vicki, and thanks for your comment. Facebook can be frustrating!

      Can you see the “Is this your business?” link in the top right hand corner (see my screenshot). If you click this, it will bring up the pop up window (also shown in the screenshot) and you can use the “Merge Elakati Luxury Boutique Hotel into a Verified Page you manage” option.

      Let me know how you go!

  15. Alicia Friday 27 January 2017

    Thank you for your article! However, my place doesn’t have a “Is this your business?” link; maybe we’ve already claimed the place? And when I go to the settings of my business page that I am an admin on, it says I have no pages to merge, but I clearly have a place and a page in the facebook search results. Any ideas of how I can merge the two? Thank you!


    Business Page:

    • Top Scout Monday 27 March 2017

      Apologies for the late reply Alicia! This comment ended up in my spam.

      Yes, you don’t have the “is this your business?” link because the location has already been claimed, however you mustn’t be an admin of the Page. You need to find out who is the admin, and if they are admins of both Pages, they can do the merge, or they can make you an admin, then you can do it. You can try to do this by messaging the Page if you don’t know who the admin is.

      You will also need to have full admin rights to undertake the merge.

      Please note that the Page with the least likes will be merged into the Page with the most likes, and you appear to have been updating the Page with the least likes more recently.

      Let me know how you go!

  16. mimi Friday 18 January 2019

    Hi, thanks for this article. I’ve one question, I need to do the fusion of 3 similar facebook pages for a customer who has 3 restaurants in different location. is it a good idea to do the fusion of pages ?
    Will it be easy to communicate for each different places on just one facebook page ? thanks for your help.

    • scouttrainer Friday 18 January 2019

      Hi Mimi, I really think it depends.

      Where are the locations? Are they in different parts of the same city? Or in different cities? And how many likes to each of the location pages currently have? There are pros and cons to each depending on your situation. Another point to consider is people are still likely to check into the different individual locations, so it may be worthwhile having:

      • an overall “restaurant” page, without a specific location that does the bulk of the posts, and can tag the individual restaurants as/if required (e.g. new chef at one location, or a special event at a specific location)
      • individual place pages for each individual restaurant, that people can check into, that occasionally post or share specific posts from the main page

      rather than merging them.

      Could that be an option?

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