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It amazes me to see how many Facebook Pages are still using the default pages URL,
rather than the shorter, sexier, easier “vanity” URL,

Previously a Page had to have a minimum of 25 likes to be eligible for a username (or vanity URL) but in late 2011 this prerequisite was lifted so you can give your new Page a vanity URL immediately upon creating a new Page.

Why give your Facebook Page a vanity URL?

I could go against all my strategic instincts by saying that you should because you can.

But the best reason is that it is shorter and easier to remember and say. This makes it easy to include on marketing collateral, ads etc.

A great reason for this is because Facebook search is rubbish! I get frustrated with businesses who include just the Facebook logo or “Find us on Facebook” icon on their ads or collateral, then you have to go to Facebook, go to search, try typing in their name, and hope that you find it and not a related Page, Group, Event etc. And there’s no way of refining Facebook search. Or an apparent method to it. Results aren’t event sorted by most popular!

Grrr. Rant over. Anyway…

How to give your Facebook Page a vanity URL:

  1. Log into Facebook with an account that is admin to the page.
  2. Visit (you can also set a username here for your personal profile if you haven’t already)
  3. Select the Page name from the list
  4. Type in your desired username (i.e. what will come after )
  5. Check if it’s available
  6. Apply

Please note you cannot change usernames or vanity URLs once they are set. So be certain of what you want it to be before you apply it.

Make use of

Another cool thing to keep in mind is that redirects to so if you want an even simpler way of including your Facebook Page name on marketing collateral, you can use

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