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Yes, there are actually highlights from this workshop!

Copyright can be overwhelming, to say the least. As much as I try to stay on top of copyright dos and don’ts, it’s always a good idea to have a refresher workshop. The Australian Copyright Council held a workshop at the South Australian Museum recently and there was a lot of takeaways. I’ve rounded up my top tips and resources you need to check out – especially if you’re sharing content on the internet.

True or False?

The team leading the workshop had us look at some true/false statements to kick things off. Consider keeping these in your back pocket when it comes to general copyright truths.

  • I need to register for copyright protection. False
  • I found it on the internet – it’s okay. False
  • If it doesn’t have a copyright notice, I can use it for free. False
  • Copyright does not protect Lindsay Lohan. True
  • If I take something and make changes, it’s okay. False
  • If it’s in the public domain, I can use it for free. True
  • Under fair use, I can use less than 10% for music (less than 30 seconds). False
  • Copyright does now protect ideas. True
  • It’s ok to copy someone else’s material so long no one finds out. False

An Introduction to Copyright in Australia

New to copyright (or haven’t had the time to understand what it is)? Be sure you download this helpful sheet. It will give the copyright 101s and may answer many of the questions you already have.

Websites & Copyright

Creating a website? Contributor to a website? Doing anything on a website?! This helpful sheet is for you. Did you know that your whole website is not covered by copyright? It’s layers of copyright depending on how your site is built and what content you share.

Internet: Copying & Downloading

Thinking about “borrowing” a photo from Google images or using part of a song for your YouTube video? Think again and download this sheet. Why not arm yourself with the knowledge of what you can use on the internet? It’ll make your life a lot easier!

Websites: Social Networks, Blogs & User-Generated Media

Another handy sheet to download and read through if you do… well, anything on the internet. Who owns your posts on Facebook? What about users who publish content to your website? You can find answers here.

The Australian Copyright Council is open for your questions! Have a look through their website, browse Find the Answer section, and depending on what you do – you can get some legal advice.

Want to grab a coffee and talk copyright? Send me a tweet, @ScoutSocial, I’m happy to swap copyright tips!


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