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I got quite a surprise when logging into Google Analytics this morning, being greeted with it’s new “Home” page!

A little bit of digging soon found that it was actually originally released in April, but seems the rollout has only just reached many of us in Australia today.

According to the launch blog post on Google’s site:

The “Home” page in Google Analytics now offers an overview of key aspects of your business’ online presence. Here are a few highlights:

  • You can see snippets from a curated set Google Analytics reports, including real-time data, with simple and streamlined controls.
  • Each snippet is preceded by a helpful question that frames the data, such as “When do your users visit?” or “Where do your users come from?”.
  • Want to dig deeper? Hover on any data point for more details or drill into the relevant report with the provided link on each card.
  • “Home” is automatically configured based on your setup: For example, if you have Goals or Ecommerce, you’ll see the page change accordingly.

Personally, I really like it.

While you can’t edit what appears on the Home page, or its position (like you can with Custom Dashboards), it presents a very useful overview in a very vibrant and user-friendly way.

The “Users by time of day” widget helps to illustrate time and day patterns that may occur with website visitors, that can be used to better understand their actions, or proactively plan marketing and updates.

It also does well to interpret the various reports, explaining what they mean in layperson’s terms.

For example, the confusing “Cohort Analysis” report it introduced with the much more palatable title “How well do you retain users?”

What do you think of the new “Home” screen?

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Erica Stacey

Erica is a Google Analytics and Google Ads certified professional, so you’re in qualified hands. Erica has had over a decade of experience – working for agencies and a wide range of clients – in digital and social media marketing strategy, website development, search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing (SEM), content marketing, inbound marketing, online advertising and so much more. A professional in the field of design, branding and marketing, she is a trusted name in the South Australian and online community to help an array of businesses sort out and achieve their marketing objectives.


  1. Andrew Newey Wednesday 26 July 2017

    Agreed – some of these new dashboard widgets are valuable and insightful. Do you know how (if possible) to replicate these widgets on a custom dashboard?

    • Top Scout Wednesday 26 July 2017

      Some of the widgets can be replicated Andrew, but not with the same “finesse” that the Home page widgets do.

      There are widgets on the custom dashboard for real-time visitors, and traffic via various channels that can be displayed in graphs, pie charts etc rather than just the numbers.

      As well as creating your own, you can also use various dashboard layouts that have been shared to the Solutions Gallery, then edit them yourself if required:

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