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Sooo… it’s getting very close to Christmas and I’ve only JUST started my own gift shopping.

Which has exposed me to a lot of cool things that I want.

So to make my own wish list not completely wasted, and a GIFT to you, I’ve compiled this quick list of gift ideas for social media and digital scouts.

Yes, there are a lot of things out there… but I’ve tried to stick to things that are available within Australia.

Oh, and these are not affiliate or endorsed gifts. Just my own ideas.

Feel free to add your own suggestions (or requests) in the comments!

handbag-phone-charger-mighty-purse1. Remote phone chargers

If you like my Facebook Page and/or follow me on Instagram you would have seen me get very excited a few weeks ago about my new clutch handbag with an in-built phone charger!

It’s ideal for busy digital scouts on the go, especially at party time…

Mine is the Mighty Purse from Opus. I love it.

It is a very girly gift, but there are remote phone chargers that are less fashionable and more functional, like this Solar Battery Charger from

2. iTunes and Google Play vouchers

We digital scouts like to buy apps and music and books and stuff, so why not help out with a digital voucher?

You can get iTunes gift cards and Google Play gift cards in various amounts.

my-social-book3. My Social Book

It takes a bit of planning and time, but why not turn someone’s Facebook profile into a book!?

4. Massage

Digital scouts spend a lot of time hunched over their computers, tablets and mobiles, busily tapping away.

Why not relieve their aching shoulders and digits – and get them away from technology for a while – with a massage! (you can find your own supplier for this).

@-symbol-earrings5. @ symbol earrings

These are cool! And made in Australia by Epheriell. For the favourite twit in your life. Available on Etsy.

6. Book or eBook

While I love digital, I do love a good ol’ fashioned trashy paper book to help me escape from technology and reality.

There’s a lot of social media and tech related hardcopy books available, either from your lovely local bookstore, or online. Such as this gem I came across from Amazon: Regretsy: Where DIY meets WTF. Perfect for the Etsy addict in your life.

twitter-facebook-cufflinksI’m also getting quite used to reading some books off my iPad. Recent eBooks include:

7. Vintage social media cufflinks

For the fashionable, sociable, vintage man… Twitter and Facebook scrabble tile cufflinks from Etsy (above).


8. Social media prints (digital download or printed)

Again, thanks to Etsy I came across some fun social media inspired prints.

Either buy hardcopies such as this example on the right, or some are available as digital downloads that you can then arrange your own printing of (good if you’re running out of time).

9. Gift an app

Did you know you can buy apps for other people?

how-to-gift-an-appThis is pretty cool. Just:

  • browse the iTunes store on your iPhone or iPad
  • find the app
  • click the share button in the top right corner (the one that’s a square with an arrow coming out the top)
  • this will bring up the menu shown on right
  • select the “Gift” option and follow the prompts!

I’m not sure how to do this on the Android Market, but if someone does, please share in the comments.

Apps don’t cost very much, but it’s a neat little way of giving someone a little something something.

10. Novelty mug

Digital scouts drink a lot of coffee (well this one does). And everyone loves a novelty mug! (don’t they?)

blogging-novelty-mugI do like this blogging mug. There’s also a lot of other neat social media and geeky gifts on this website.

11. Polaroid camera

For the old school Instagrammer in your life.

Or to teach a youngster where the concept of Instagram first came from.

Polaroid camera from Target! (or Tar-jaaayyy as Gok Wan is now making us own!)

It’s available in a range of colours, but my favourite colour is yellow (hint, hint) so here’s the yellow one.

polaroid-cameraAvailable in store or via Tar-jaaayyy’s online store.

12. Social media cushions

There are A LOT of social media cushions around, but many of them are shipped from outside of Australia.

For social media cushions from within Australia, check out this Social Media Dream Cushion from Zingness.

13. Photify

More stuff for the Instagrammer! (they really do get spoiled, don’t they?)

social-media-dream-cushionPrint Instagram photos and do stuff with them using Australian-based Photify!

14. Social chat coasters

More social media coolness from Zingness… check out these internet speak chat coasters.

15. A real life experience

And finally… with all the social, digital, technical gadgetry and gifts available, nothing goes past a real life experience!

Why not organise a surprise day (or night) trip, picnic, mini golf, beach day, bike ride etc.

social-media-speak-chat-coastersMaybe even ban use of technology so that they can really, truly experience it! If you dare…


So they are my ideas!

You can also check out my Digital Gadgets & Gifts board on Pinterest.

Please feel free to share any more in the comments.

And have a very scouty Christmas!

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