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At the beginning of 2019 I made a commitment to put focus back on my health and fitness.

In 2018 I had made at the common mistake of thinking I was “too busy” to exercise, and that almost every spare moment had to be focused on work, and that any investment in my physical self was a luxury I couldn’t afford.

The truth is, the busier and more stressed we are, the MORE important taking care of ourselves is.

Especially as we get older.

I joined a gym at the beginning of January, and the fortnightly membership fee that was being direct debited ensured I made it to 2-3 classes per week.

It was incredibly frustrating and I did not enjoy it.

In my 20s and even early 30s I could let exercise go for a bit, then do 2-3 workouts a week for 2-3 weeks and bounce back to where I was.

I’m turning 40 next year, and it’s not the only factor, but it did make me realise that it would take me more effort, over a longer time frame to re-build the fitness foundation I had lost.

It is now coming up to 9 months since I have been regularly exercising, and it has only been in the past couple of months that I have started to feel “fit”, and really enjoy – and even look forward to – my regular classes.

My gym uses an online booking system and app that allows us to track our progress, and it has been insightful to look back at how far I have come.

In the early days I was doing back squats with a 32.5kg bar maximum weight, and last week I lifted 52.5kg.

I recently deadlifted my own body weight

And last week I completed our conditioning challenge under the time cap.

To be honest, my body looks much the same, but I feel different. Better.

And what the heck does this have to do with digital marketing!?

Results take time.

And commitment.

Digital and social media marketing is not new. I have been working in the industry for almost 10 years.

Yes, there are new features, trends, techniques and evolution occurring constantly, but the fundamentals are still there.

Yet many individuals and organisations still see digital as a quick fix. A silver bullet.

In my opinion, digital and social media marketing is now harder.

There are more people and organisations online, pumping out more content. More than we can consume.

Expectations are higher, and competition is fierce.

Unless you have A LOT of money, or an existing significant profile, digital marketing is about the long game. Committing regularly to achieve sustainable results.

Set and strive for your OWN goals

Just like an exercise plan, you need to have a goal. Know what you want to achieve from your efforts.

And it might be completely personal to you.

My results above are nothing compared to others I train with, but they mean a lot to me.

Not every business is striving for 10K Facebook Page Likes, $10,000 monthly online sales, or 5% conversion rate.

We all have our own unique goals that are relevant for us and our capabilities. Of course we can push ourselves, but there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when setting realistic targets.

You need to show up. Regularly

You need to commit the time, and show up. Regularly.

There are still people who push out a few posts, expect the $$ to come rolling in, and get disappointed when it doesn’t. Or assume that “it doesn’t work”.

This is just like going to the gym for two weeks and expecting to have a defined six pack.

It’s not going to happen.

Especially as we get older, and more effort is required.

This is why we encourage people to commit to a regular posting frequency, using a content calendar, and setting aside regular time to prepare, post and engage with content.

You need to commit to the long game

And it is going to take time.

Just like my gym efforts, you might not see any real impact or change for weeks, months even!

But over time, by showing up regularly, there will be incremental improvements. Some so small you might not even notice them.

You need to measure and track your results

This is where having some type of reporting process will help as well.

Then as the weeks and months go by it will get easier.

You will create the habit of writing blog posts, or enewsletters, or engaging with your community.

You might start to feel comfortable with the one social channel you have mastered, and confident to add another one into your mix.

You need to build relationships

It might be quiet for a while, but eventually once your online community sees that you are in it for the right reasons, and the long haul, you will start to build those online relationships.

Just like I have with the other people who attend my gym.

It might feel like you’re training alone, or posting updates that no one is responding to. But over time you will start chatting with others, getting to know them, and soon chatting the whole way through your work out.

You need to look back (then keep going forward)

And one day you will look back and think: Damn! I’ve come a long way!

Just like exercising, you’ll never really “finish”. Your health is a longterm, sustainable commitment, just like good digital marketing.

Some things will get easier, you’ll get better, develop new skills, and over time achieve more and more.


Many thanks to Lisa and the team at GEDfit!


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