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We made it! The last day of our Digital Marketing Detox!

How have you been going with it?

Remember, you don’t HAVE to do each task on each specific day. This is just a method of demonstrating how your review can be broken up into smaller tasks and spread out over time to make them easier to manage. Nice bite-sized chunks.

Finally, we’re going to tackle one of my favourite things… Numbers!

One of the really awesome things about digital marketing is that you can measure EVERYTHING! But there is so much going on, that it can get overwhelming, and people often end up doing, and not reporting and refining…

The trick is to focus on the metrics that are important to your business or organisation. And if you have a clear list of Goals (from Day 1) then your reporting and measurement strategy should be easy!

Define metrics based on your Goals

Take a look through your Goals list, and consider how you can measure whether or not each goal is working.

You will need to adapt this slightly based on each digital and social media channel that you use, as they report slightly differently (unless you use an overarching system to manage them all).

With tools such as Google Analytics, you can customise your Dashboard to focus on the metrics that are important to you, and set up automated emails to send you to report summaries at particular times.

Decide how frequently you will review your results

Decide how often you are going to review your results, and either schedule your automated email reports for this time (for Google Analytics) or set up calendar reminders to review.

You may do a brief look every week or month, then a detailed report every month or quarter.

Also consider who needs to know these results, and either include them in the emails, or send them a summary of results showing how they relate to the agreed upon Goals.

Share information with your team, making it easy to understand

If sharing results with others, you may also need to provide more explanation of what the results actually mean, as not everyone understands digital and social media as much as we do.

Use your results to review and refine your digital marketing activities

Finally, it’s one thing to HAVE your results, but they’re worthless if you’re not DOING anything with them… so make sure you’re reviewing them critically and using them to continually IMPROVE your digital and social media marketing. e.g.

  • Are you attracting and reaching your Target Audiences? Facebook Insights is really useful for showing not only the people who Like your Page, but who is seeing your content and engaging with your posts. If you’re not reaching the audience you want to, you might need to consider posting updates at a different time of day that better suits that audience group.
  • If a certain type of content is attracting a lot of engagement (page views, email opens, clicks, likes, comments, shares, retweets etc) consider creating more of that type of content.
  • If a certain type of content is NOT getting the results you’re after (and it is important to your Goals) look at ways of changing it, e.g. format, tone, media type etc. Or perhaps you need to discard it and consider other strategies to help achieve that Goal.


  • Review your Goals and consider what and how you can measure their success.
  • Set up automated email reports where possible, and reminders to review your results at regular intervals.
  • Share your results with your team, explaining how they are achieving your Goals etc.
  • Continually refine your digital marketing based on these results for ongoing improvement.

Well done to everyone who took part! And do let me know any queries or feedback in the comments.

You can see the full list with a link to each day’s Digital Marketing Detox task here.

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