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So by now, you should:

Digital and Social Media Campaigns are a great way to mix up your day-to-day content updates, keep your audience interested, attract new audiences, leverage key events or times of the year, and fill in the blanks with your goals (i.e. help achieve something your day-to-day activity can’t or struggles to do).

Different types of digital and social media campaigns

There is a wad of different types of Online Campaigns:

  • Digital and Social Media Competitions
  • Online Advertising Campaigns (Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Google ads)
  • Online Marketing Campaigns (where you bump up your activity around a key product or service)
  • Content Campaigns (where you create and publish a suite of content around a particular topic)
  • Event or Seasonal Campaigns (where your updates change focus based on a key event or time of year, e.g. Christmas Holiday Campaigns).

There is a multitude of ways to tackle this:

  • Look back at your Goals. Is there one that you haven’t managed to address through the other methods? Perhaps a specific campaign can help.
  • Would you like to place MORE emphasis on one of your Goals? e.g. increasing brand awareness and attracting more likes/followers/subscribers. Perhaps a competition is a way to go. This takes careful consideration with what the prize will be, how you will run it, when, where etc. More than we have time to go into now.
  • What’s your marketing budget? Can you afford to do a specific campaign? Competition, Advertising or otherwise? Factor that in.

The best thing to do is look at your overall marketing calendar for the year (and if you don’t have one, make one!)

Make sure it includes key events and holidays that are relevant to your target audiences, as well as your key organisation events.

Then start to brainstorm and plot out campaigns throughout the year.

Be creative. Use a variety.

Or if you’re onto a winner, perhaps repeat it seasonally or annually.

It’s difficult to go into detail with this one, as campaigns can be (and should be) tailored to your organisation, audiences, and goals. But hopefully, this gives you some ideas.


  • Review everything you have done to date, and brainstorm a range of Campaign ideas that can help support these.
  • Review (or create) and year-long marketing calendar and plot in where your various campaigns can occur.
  • Make sure you have the budget and resources to support them.

Last day tomorrow! DAY 8: Measurement Strategy.

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