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It’s that time of year! And if you’re still seeking gift ideas for the digital or social media scout in your life; check out our top picks below… (and yes, we would love to receive any of these… Thanks! 😉

brik-book-laptop-cover1. Brik Book MacBook case

This is a super cool MacBook case, referred to as “the world’s most customisable MacBook case” and “probably the greatest purchase I have ever made…”

2. Remote mobile phone charger

This is an essential tool for anyone in the digital industry… Our faves include MightyPURSE – the purse that charges your phone (yes, seriously) and solar-powered chargers, such as Goal Zero.

3. Digital accessories!

Extend the capabilities of our existing tools with accessories! Such as an iPad keyboard

hashtag-mug4. Hashtag mug

#coffee What more is there to say?

5. Experience ticket or voucher

… to a sporting or music event, or spa treatment. Something to get us out and about, or away from our computers!

6. Subscription to Pandora or Spotify*

… to keep our ears happy while doing digital things…

*BTW Spotify are currently offering 3 months for $0.99 ($11.99 per month afterwards, we are not sponsored by Spotify in any way. Yet). 

instagram-cookie-cutter7. Instagram cookie cutter

For the social scout who loves to bake’n’gram…

(other social and digital icons are also available).

8. Upgrade!

… to the premium or paid version of our favourite apps!

9. Print their digital memories!

As individual photos, or a book of their 2015 Timeline or Instagram photos using PastBook.

10. A Digital Detox!

Give your loved one permission to disconnect during the festive season by encouraging them to surrender their device(s) for a period of time so they can connect with real life. Without sharing. For reals.

Feel free to download and use our voucher below!

Happy holidays!

Seriously. None of these products or ideas is sponsored. We just genuinely think they are good gift ideas.

Feel free to share your ideas (or wishlist) in the comments!

Click to download printable PDF.
Click to download printable PDF.


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