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As we race towards 2015, we’ve taken some time to look back on the year that was in digital and social media…

2014 Digital Media and Marketing Highlights

New Australian Privacy Act

  • In March Australia updated the Privacy Act for the first time since 2001… and obviously, a lot has happened in regards to how organisations collect, store and use data.
  • Infringements of the new act also see hefty fines, so it’s important to understand the new guidelines.
  • More about the new Privacy Act here.


  • Google continued to refine its search algorithm, with a continued focus on promoting original, high-quality content.
  • Google also surprisingly dropped authorship photos from SERPs (after heavily promoting authorship as a connection to Google+).
  • See all 2014 Google Algorithm updates here.
  • Google also released their Google Analytics mobile app, making it easier to keep on top of high-level website analytics on the go.

Mobile usage in Australia

  • For the first time since the introduction of mobile phone services in Australia, the number of active services has contracted, suggesting that the country has finally reached saturation.
  • Use of digital media also increased, with 44 per cent of adult Australians (6.4 million) streaming music, movies, TV programs, video clips, or radio — a 21 per cent increase over the past five years.
  • More about mobile usage in Australia here.

Launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

  • The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released in Australia in September, and early adopters queued for hours to get their hands on them.

2014 Social Media Highlights


Instagram has been the social powerhouse of 2014, releasing a huge number of updates, and continuing to attract legions of users and constant usage. Here are just some of their 2014 highlights:


What hasn’t changed with Facebook!?


Yeah, nothing to see here. Next!


  • @TheEllenShow broke Twitter! Ellen’s selfie at the #Oscars holds the record for most retweets ever (below).


The professional social networking platform continues to grow and has introduced a number of changes including:

  • New profile layouts, including header images << have you updated yours yet?
  • Introduction of new publishing platform, allowing users to create and share their own blog posts within the channel.
  • Products and Services pages were retired…
  • and Showcase pages were introduced!
  • See these and more here.
  • And see our post about Showcase Pages here.

Overall Social Media Stats for Australia (as of November 2014):

  • Facebook – 13,600,000 users (steady)
  • YouTube – 13,200,000 UAVs
  • Tumblr – 4,500,000
  • LinkedIn – 4,500,000
  • Instagram – 4,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
  • Twitter – 2,791,300 Active Australian Users
  • TripAdvisor – 1,750,000
  • Yelp – 1,500,000
  • Pinterest – 340,000
  • Google Plus – approx 60,000 monthly active Australian users
  • Foursquare – 25,000

These numbers represent the Unique Australian Visitors to each website per month. For the latest stats across more social channels, click here.

Other 2014 Digital and Social Media Highlights

And it’s still worth taking a look back at the 2014 Socialnomics video that was released in April (below). Here’s to an exciting 2015!


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