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As savvy business owners and marketers, we often invest a lot of time into creating great pieces of content, such as case studies, blog posts and videos.

But the value of this content – and the joy it can bring your community – shouldn’t end when you click “publish”.

Following the essential Content Planning and Preparation phase of your marketing activity, is the equally important Content Publishing and Distribution phase.

The unfortunate reality is, that unless you are or etc, most members of your online community will not visit your website every day… so don’t leave your awesome content there on its own, hoping someone will stumble upon it.

Yes, it will hopefully attract some visits from search engines, but you also need to put in some effort to get it out across other channels, and this is where repurposing it (or “re-gifting”) comes in.

Repurposing is the process by which an object with one use value is transformed or redeployed as an object with an alternative use value.

This kind of activity is as old as human civilization, with many contemporary scholars investigating that way that different societies re-appropriate the artifacts of older cultures in new and creative ways.

Source: Wikipedia

Here are some ways that you can “repurpose” (or re-gift) your awesome content:

  • Share it via your social channels.
  • Adapt how you share it on different social channels to suit that channel, e.g. links work well on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but you may share a photo that’s relevant to your content on Instagram.
  • Consider how you can share it more creatively on some channels, e.g. a 15-second snippet of a video on Instagram, with the link to the full video in the bio.
  • Update your social channel bios to include it as the feature link for a short period of time.
  • Don’t just share it once. Don’t share it repeatedly on the same channel, but Twitter’s shorter updates lend themselves to good quality content being shared frequently amongst other updates.
  • Re-sharing older content doesn’t just need to occur in the first days or weeks of publishing it. If the content has ongoing relevance (is “evergreen” rather than “time specific”) it can be re-shared as a “from the archives” type update (see my examples below).
  • If it is a video, you can upload it to both your YouTube channel, and directly to Facebook (Facebook tends to favour videos uploaded directly to it, rather than links to YouTube).
  • You can then easily embed the YouTube video back within your website, completing the circle.
  • Include social share buttons on your website so that visitors can easily share your content on your behalf.
  • Share it with your database via an email campaign. It could be included as part of a regular e-newsletter with multiple content items in it, an automated RSS email campaign, or a dedicated email campaign containing it alone (if it’s that awesome).
  • Again, social share buttons in your email campaign template make it easy for recipients to share your email with their network.
  • Include a short description and link to it in your email signature.
  • If you think it will be of specific value to certain people you know, consider emailing it to them directly and personally.
  • If it is written content that suits the professional LinkedIn space, consider re-publishing it as an article on LinkedIn Pulse.
  • You can also explore having it re-published on other related websites as a syndicated post. Please note: these last two suggestions may have SEO implications which should be considered.
  • Cross-link to it from other relevant pages or posts on your website.

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways that you can share the gift of your content with the online community.

Please let me know of any others you like to use in the comments!

And in the spirit of “re-gifting”, here are some of our past festive posts that continue to offer value today:

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