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These are a few of our favourite {internet} things…

I’m going to go a bit generic with this week’s favourite {internet} thing…

Some of you may know that I have an 8-month-old baby boy (he’s awesome 🙂 He also tends to need a bit of “encouragement” to sleep, and I love getting outside, so we tend to spend a lot of time walking. A lot.

We tend to walk the same main routes and are fortunate to live by the beach, so I get a pretty nice view. And it’s nice to have some time with my own thoughts. But there has been a lot of that this year. A lot.

I’m actually a little surprised that it took me so long to start making use of this week’s favourite {internet} thing on my walks… PODCASTS!

So yes, I’ve recently become addicted to podcasts! To the point where I find myself going walking or driving, and trying to encourage Master M to sleep so I can listen to one! (or two).

I started off listening to a few digital marketing-related podcasts by people in my online network, but have started branching out into a few more creative, conversational, and just fun ones.

Regular listens so far include: Business Addicts Podcast on iTunes, Seth Godin’s Startup School Podcast on iTunes, Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons Podcast on iTunes, and Gilmore Guys Show Podcast on iTunes (yes, it’s a thing).

I use the Pocket Casts app by Shifty Jelly. Mainly because they’re local app developers and I used to go to school with one of them. And it’s pretty slick.

Does anyone else love podcasts!? Which others should I listen to? Please share your recommendations…

Oh, I do also LOVE the Business Cat meme 🙂


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