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I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings about Google’s social media channel – Google+ – but it doesn’t seem to be going away.

Like many others, I was eager to get my invitation to join, then once I did, it was very much a case of “Now what?”

If you too need some tips, check out the infographic below, along with these great Google+ content strategies from Copyblogger.

Social versus SEO

The main reason that is bullied around, is that because it’s Google’s platform, it will support and improve search engine rankings.

But as Jay Baer very wisely said during his recent webinar for ADMA, if your strategy is to be on Google+ (a social media channel) is JUST for SEO purposes, then you’re missing the point of social media…

If your target audience is there, however, then it’s another story. Because it’s the people that make it social.

I have found through my own research for clients, that there are some industries and regions that are thriving on Google+. And this recent article shows that fashion and luxury brands such as H&M, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are swiftly developing their communities there as well.

Google Places becomes Google+ Local

As part of the launch of Google+, Google has also evolved Google Places business listings into Google+ Local pages.

Google+ Local is a channel I wholeheartedly support for businesses and brands that have physical locations.

Recent figures show (and this will most likely increase, especially with the increase of browsing via mobile devices), that 20% of searches are location-based. So I highly recommend claiming, verifying and optimising your location/s.

In the new Google+ Local format, business locations can share their own updates, which are very useful for promoting specials and local news.

The downside of this change is that some organisations have banned Google+ from employees (as it’s a social media channel) and this then also prevents users from viewing details of locations from Google Maps.

Over to you…

Are you using Google+? How are you finding it? This is my (admittedly pretty quiet) Google+ profile.

And if you would like to chat about local search optimisation, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Google Plus Content Strategies (infographic)

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