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I’m coming up to releasing the 15th episode of The Dobcast podcast, and while I certainly wouldn’t call myself an expert podcaster yet, I have learned quite a few things over the past 9 months since beginning it.

I first started a podcast simply with the curiosity of how it worked, and the desire to learn something new. I have learned since then that it has also had a number of additional benefits.

It certainly hasn’t been without its challenges though.

I have had to development and implement systems and processes to assist with keeping it on track and achieving our fortnightly publishing schedule, as well as pay close attention to my time management.

That being said, I still take many episodes very close to the wire, but having the fortnightly schedule has kept me going and accountable.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, either for a business or personal interest, I definitely recommend it!

Interest in and consumption of podcasts are growing rapidly both globally and within Australia. And in Australia it remains somewhat of a “new frontier”, allowing early adopters to get a head start on others.

There are other ways to get involved with podcasting besides starting your own, but if you are keen, do check out our upcoming Podcasting Masterclass training workshop in Adelaide.

And if you’re keen to learn my benefits of having a podcast, read on…

Check out episode 2 for my conversation about podcasting with podcaster Amelia Veale from Be The Drop and Narrative Marketing.

1. Practice talking and asking questions

While my husband would say that I am very good at talking, I have no formal training or background in presentations or interviews.

With an interview-style podcast, my approach has been simply to try and have an interesting conversation with the guest, that ideally stays relatively on topic, and I use an interview outline template and draft questions that I share prior with my guest to help us both prepare.

What I noticed early on was the frequency of audible cues I use when listening to someone: “ah”, “oh yeah”, “really” etc. Which are quite normal in everyday conversation, but I find irritating as a listener and they are also annoying to edit out! As are “um”, “ah”, “you know” etc.

But I have found that the simple practice of showing up, having a conversation, asking questions, and listening back to interviews is gradually improving my presentation, speaking and interviewing skills.

2. An excuse to chat with interesting people about interesting things

To be honest this was probably the third reason I started my podcast in the first place!

I have always loved chatting with people about their areas of expertise, interests and business, so being able to do that regularly feels almost self indulgent!

It has also exposed me to new communities of like-minded people who are interested in this space, such as the Australian Podcasters Collaborative Facebook Group.

Podcasts are a very specific aspect of marketing, and it is hugely beneficial to be able to connect with others who are both experienced in and still learning in the space.

Check out episode 5 for my conversation with health promotion social media marketer Kristy Schirmer from Zockmelon.

3. Increased and improved access to people

Following on somewhat from the point above, having a podcast is a great way of getting an “in” to speak with an expert in their field, or other significant individual.

They get a chance to have their words/work reach a new audience, and you get a chance to speak with them. It’s a win win!

You might struggle to arrange a coffee meeting with someone you admire, but ask them to be on your podcast and there is a very good chance they will find the time!

It’s also very exciting as you build your podcast, to be at the point where people start approaching you and asking to be on it!

4. Reach and new audience and increase your profile

According to the ABC’s third annual Podcast Survey,

“The popularity of podcasts is on the rise with Australians listening to more podcasts more often.”

Other key findings of the 2018 survey of podcast listeners include:

  • 65% listened to a podcast in the previous 24 hours, up from 57% from 2017.
  • 59% listened to more podcasts in 2018 than in the previous year.
  • The average listening time for those who listened to a podcast in the previous week is 6.1 hours, across an average of six podcast episodes and five series.

So there is definitely a new and growing audience listening to podcasts – both in Australia and around the world – that you may not have previously had access to.

There’s a general appreciation amongst the business and general community, that starting and maintaining a podcast takes effort, which can improve the perception of the podcaster themselves.

5. Learn new skills

And finally my favourite thing to do – learn new skills!

I have learned so much already, and continue to. These new skills include:

  • the technical aspects of recording, editing and uploading a podcast
  • the interview process, both planning, organising and performing
  • marketing and distributing a podcast

and more.

And these new skills are assisting me in other areas of my business and marketing, and I know they will be useful in the future.


If you’re a podcaster and have recognised any other benefits, I’d love to hear them in the comments!


If you’re keen to learn more about starting your own podcast, do check out ourPodcasting Masterclass training workshop with Amelia Veale.

Amelia will be guiding workshop attendees through:

  • planning your podcast
  • recording your podcast
  • editing your podcast
  • navigating podcasting hosting platforms
  • distributing and marketing your podcast

This is a great opportunity to learn from an experienced podcaster!

Full details and registration.


Also check out our upcoming presentation with podcast professional James Cridland: Podcasting Trends Around the World (Adelaide)

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